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Features you will love


Q-municate comes with powerful instant messaging right out of the box. Powered by the flexible XMPP protocol and QuickBlox signalling technologies, with compatibility for server-side chat history, group chats, attachments and user avatars, it's pretty powerful. It also has chat bubbles and user presence (online/offline).

Push Notifications

Instant, easy and free notifications are fully integrated into both the iOS and Android versions of Q-municate. Receive notifications for chat messages, incoming calls and any other custom alert that you want to send from the CMS style messages dashboard. As you'd expect, they're also presence aware — so users only see them when they should.

Video Calling

One of the coolest technologies of the 21st century, Q-municate has HD video calling powered by WebRTC right out of the box. It's peer-to-peer to reduce latency and bandwidth and has a simple user interface that you'd expect from the tech giants — easy camera switching, muting and soon the ability to record video.

The cross-platform solution

Q-municate uses WebRTC for video and audio calling which means it's a great cross-platform solution. WebRTC itself is open-source. Thus, you can modify the code as much as you wish. Or you can trust thousands of skilled professionals contributed to its development.


The enterprise version of the Q-municate project is a parallel codebase licensed under proprietary license enabling wider commercial use. The functional differences include add-ons for security, compliance, data protection management and 3rd party software integrations. This comes with QuickBlox Enterprise subscription including professional enterprise level SLA, your dedicated DevOps manager, phone support team on duty and full 24/7/365 maintenance of your dedicated servers running QuickBlox cloud communication backend.

Extra Security

Client and server side encryption

Code obfuscation

Device ID database lock

Secret chat

More Features

Contact lists management, existing SSO and user management integration

Add-ons and integrations (SharePoint, Microsoft Lync, AirWatch, etc.)

WebRTC — SIP VoIP integration and SIP gateway enabling to save money on international calls and SMS

Chat moderation, auto-filtering, abuse and data protection compliance (DPA, HIPAA etc.)

Enterprise Ready

Commercial license (no community license limitations)

Consultancy package: our developers assist with integration / white labelling

Your dedicated server setup combining the scalability of cloud and security of owning your servers

Monthly support allowance + infrastructure optimisation and security consulting from your DevOp manager

Full access to source codes (including QB SDK binary libraries), optional server-side code escrow

"Super user” dashboard access (user management, SIP portal), better monitoring, detailed billing and stats

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